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The Eye of the Tiger.


Viva Gym is a “dry gym concept” that offers guests a ‘no contract - no hassle’ membership. In contrast with the typical health club offering, Viva Gym offers the essentials to value driven guests.  The brief was to design a fresh experience giving character to what had the potential to feel like a stripped-down box.


With the national roll out of the concept, each location was designed with a unique tone of voice but still reflect the brand CI. Neutral Finishes in common areas were contrasted by the bright Viva branding along with ‘tongue in cheek’ graphics which mark each training zone with flair and a sense of fun.


Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa. This concept has been successfully rolled out nationally.


About client:

Viva Gym is an affordable, South Africa dry gym (which means no pool) with world class equipment.


What we did:

User Experience Strategy, Interior Design Concept, Technical Documentation, Signage and Branding Implementation, Co-ordination, Project Management, Procurement, Compliance.


Photography Credit: Malan Kotze Photography


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