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Generous reminiscence.


The concept for Old Town Italy was built around the idea of an authentic Italian food experience. The space was designed to rekindle an ‘old town essence’, creating an atmosphere that non only promotes the impulse for purchasing throughout the dining experience but also evoke a sense of history and romance much like visiting an Italian marketplace.


The realisation of the concept depended on creating an authentic space while not compromising on functionality. The material palette championed this old town feel with tactile and seemingly imperfect finishes covered in patina. This strategy resulted in a well organised space with seating types for different users that are surrounded by free standing retail displays and retail service areas such as the deli, butchery, wine cellar, bakery retail, and gelato stand.


Menlyn Maine, Pretoria, South Africa 2016


About client:

Old Town Italy is a Concept Restaurant and Italian Deli.


What we did:

Interior Design Concept, Technical Documentation, Signage and Branding Implementation, Co-ordination, Procurement, Compliance.


Photography Credit:  Malan Kotze

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