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Light Indulgence.


The Cocoa Room brand, the first stand alone ‘desert only’ offering in the Gastronomica’s portfolio. The space were designed to feel cozy and inviting to all. The choice in finishes resembles the brand’s decadent desert offering with ‘indulgent’ marbles, brass contrasted with the use of dark timbers. The result is a minimalistic aesthetic, made up indulgent layers, patterns and textures that surprise and delight customers upon closer look.


Kuwait City, Kuwait, 2017


About client:

Gastronomica is a leading restaurant operator, dedicated to the development of original and upscale dining concepts on a global scale and is the leader of original dining concepts in the Middle East


What we did:

Interior Design Concept, Technical Documentation, Signage and Branding Implementation, Co-ordination.


Photography Credit:  Courtesy of Gastronomica

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